Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Houston TX: GOOD NEWS RE: Urgent. Volunteer needed. Kitten has rescue but needs ride to vet right now RE: 01-06-16 URGENT INJURED KITTEN A1369582

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The kitten has been picked up and in route to a vet.

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As of 2:30 PM Houston time, kitty still needs a ride to the vet. Please volunteer if you can take him, per BARC email here
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We have an offer from a rescue group but the kitten needs a ride.  If there are any volunteers that can pick up from barc and take to the address below please let me know.


Winrock Animal Clinic. 6415 San Felipe

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We just took in a 6 month old kitten that was hit by car and may have head trauma.  He is responsive at the moment and available for early medical release.

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